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Welcome to Cronus PvP. We are a server that is experienced and who's main goal is to satisfy the players. With few rules and a great community, coming to this server will assure you a great experience that you will not be able to find at any other Server.

We have recently reset the world map, so now all players have an equal shot at success!

The server is run off of 3gb of ram, plenty for the amount of slots we have, therefore, this creates a minimal lag experience for every player on the server.

Here at Cronus, we belive in equality. Therfore, this server does no accept donations, we arent in it for the money, just the fun of making a PvP community! This ensures that how well you do on the server is solely dependant on your ability to play the factions game! This makes for a more fun experience for all players, and avoids the Play-to-win mentality!

Our staff is very experienced, all of them have been administrators or owners of multiple PvP servers at one point in their minecraft adventures! This server has been around for quite a while! It was very successful in the summer of 2013, only to experience problems and downtime throught the fall and winter. However, we are back now, and excited to make a community of fun fighting, raiding, and creating for everyone who wishes to join!

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Best of luck to you who join! Happy raiding!


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